Home visits

Home visits offer easy companionship and conversation. Visits may include discussion of current affairs, community news, sports and culture. Each visit is a minimum of 30 minutes.

Shopping trips

Shopping trips allow seniors to buy what they like at stores of their choice, while getting out and moving around (transportation provided). Many outings also offer the opportunity for leisure time at a café or bar after shopping. If they prefer, seniors can provide a shopping list and stay at home while we shop for them.


Safe and punctual transportation is available to all appointments and destinations. We accompany seniors at appointments, visit to friends, concerts, places of interest, cemeteries, and religious services.


Reliable retrieval and delivery of medicines from the designated pharmacy.

Hospital visits

During hospital stays, we guarantee once-a-day visits to keep seniors company, deliver any items needed, and to relay information to relatives about the status of the senior’s health.


We will contact you on a regular basis to update you on the well-being and activities of your loved ones. Communication will take place though the WhatsApp messaging app and other methods as necessary.